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replacement of a complete kit of ECU ford focus 1.8 TDCI 2006

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here I can not program the keys on my ECU follows a wrong maneuver on my part.
I want to replace the complete kit
my ECU is:
sid 202
6m51-12a650-yb 4BKB
if I can not find this reference is it possible to replace it with another refrence or not
for example :
4M51-12A650-JL 3ANL
4M51-12A650-JK 3ANK

thank u 

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I don't know the answer.

How far have you gone in trying to program the keys?

If you have a good ELM327 OBD code reader (less than 20 quid). 

and a Windows laptop with free Forscan software on, plus the free Extended Licence (needed for the key programming part of Forscan)

and at least two keys that have the correct type of chip in them for your model of car

then you should be able to do it. I have not done it myself (I have only added an extra key in addition to the one working key I had).

Forscan does claim to be able to do it.

(the ELM327 device I used was the USB cable version from Tunnelrat)

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