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Mk2 2010 - Sat-Nav Parking camera etc.

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Hi all,

I thought finding a rear front/rear camera & sat-nav combination would be easy as Garmin/Tom Tom and others are basically LCD video screens. However, it seems adding a video input is too much to ask.

I'm on a tight budget. I thought £70 front camera with rear screen/sat-nav, £30 rear camera, done. 

Halfords quoted >£700 for a new head-unit with built-in sat-nav and a drilled front/rear camera. 

I basically want one screen at the front for sat-nav and rear camera. 

Anyone recommend a simple combination?

1) Sat-Nav/Front camera & rear camera. Simple and value for money.


2) Front Camera & rear camera. (I'll use my phone for sat-nav on a clip.)

I don't want to drill the bodywork. 

Some cameras on amazon have Wi-Fi, but aren't paired with a camera. Some rear cameras fit in the number-plate light switch, but I'm not sure of the angle as they're off-centre.

Basically, my head is spinning and I'm sure someone has already done this. Lenny's excellent tutorial is great, but the boot catch on mine is different, and I don't have a touch-screen head unit. 

Thanks in advance. 

[EDIT] I just saw this: I don't have a head unit, so finding a sat-nav/front camera combination that takes the video feed is what I need. 


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