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Ford Smax electrical fault in rain

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I have a nearly 3 year old Smax which is prone to not starting after a period of heavy rain. This happened on Saturday where it rained all day , we got in car at 5pm and the engine would not start. The erro messages came up as follows

transmission limited function

see manual

hill start assist n/a

esc service required

anyway we locked the car and wing mirrors didn’t fold in. Then we started it again a few times and eventually it worked but the power steering wouldn’t work

We took it into ford today and the errors have gone, they say they found some errors stored on the hard drive of the car but unless the errors are showing on the system at the time the car has gone in then they cannot pinpoint the issue.

has anyone experienced similar issues? We believe it is due to heavy rain and potential water ingress but they say there is no evidence of water ingress in the body control module. 

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Check the engine bay fuse box especilly underneath it

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