How do I remove tints from my rear windows?

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Because I am a young driver, i have had to have a black box fitted to lower the insurance on my 11 plate fiesta. When  they came to do it they said I have to get confirmation from Ford to say that they are factory tints.. if they aren't I have to remove the tints... HELP?! 

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If they are aftermarket tints you can just snag a corner and rip them off however you will leave loads of adhesive residue behind which is a pig to remove.

Best way is to use a hairdryer and heat the film as you carefully peel it back then give the glass a good going over with window cleaner spray.

To check if it's factory tinted and if so get info that you can send to the insurers then give the Ford Etis database a look -




For detailed information you will need to register as an Independent Operator but it's free and all you need to do is fill in the registration request with any fake info you want (that's what we all do anyway ).

When you enter your VIN or registration the page will show all the festures your car came from the factory with, if the tints are factory fit then there will be a line stating 'With Privacy Glass' or suchlike.

Take a screen grab of the page and that should satisfy the Insurers unless they are really arsey.


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I'm surprised your insurer asked you specifically about that. Anyway easiest way to see if you have aftermarket tint is by looking at the dot matrix (the little back dots around the edge of the window). Most tinters cant make the film sit flat in that area due to the dot matrix 'bumps' so you get this horrible line going around the outside the window. Attached a picture so you see what I mean.

That's not to say that it must be factory tinted glass if you cant find any signs of the film lifting around the dot matrix, some tinters do have ways to fix the issue. However if you do have the crappy dot matrix bubbles then it is 100% aftermarket.

Also what trim fiesta do you have? If it's a poverty spec one, chances are it wont be factory.


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