Apple CarPlay Freezing

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Hi all.

For the entire time I have had my car I've had issues with CarPlay. I have the iPhone 8+, everything is up to date on the phone but sometimes when I am connected via USB the screen in the car will just freeze and become unresponsive.

I took it to the dealer (the car is still under warranty) a while ago and they said they had never, ever heard of this problem before and after showing them a video of the unresponsive screen they took it in and came up with the solution that it is because I wasn't using an official Apple cable. Fair enough. 

So I started using an actual Apple cable but the problem still occurs every now and then and it is a massive problem when I am using Maps to navigate and suddenly I have no idea where I am going.

The only way to get my screen to become responsive again to CarPlay is to turn the engine off, allow everything to shut down and turn it back on. This isn't always possible to do so I have to somehow then input my destination into the (questionable) Ford navigation system.

I took my car in again a few weeks ago, this time I had a slightly more understanding lady who said that this IS a problem they are aware of and apparently Ford are working on a software patch but this will only be available in September.

Has anybody else had this issue? And if so, how did you fix it? 

I've had 3 courtesy cars during the year I've had this one (all Ford MK8) and I didn't encounter the problem with any of those cars but with the freezing being something that is intermittent it could be just a case of I didn't have the opportunity for the freezing to happen.

Thanks in advance.

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I also have the same problem and my sync 3 is the latest or sometimes it just freezes and phone charges 2 secs then stops then buzzes charges 2 secs and so on I have to use another genuine cable works a few weeks does it again I’ve even tried another iPhone same thing so annoying.

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I know you have to use a genuine apple cable, I have had the same issue.

Make sure the charge port on your phone is clean as well, no one likes a fluffy hole!

As said, keep Wi-Fi turned off in the Sync settings

You could also try and do a master reset in the sync settings and start again.

Make sure your phone is not connected when you do the reset


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Hi Dave so turn WiFi of in sync what on the car turn WiFi of do you turn WiFi of on the phone also please I am using genuine Apple cables and this iPhone is brand new did it with mould one one I’ve done many master resets sometimes my cable is charging the phone and I can use phone and texts on the car screen but Apple car play won’t activate then if I change to another new cable it works fine again I’ve contacted ford who say take it in which I will in the new year but I feel I’ll be fobbed of and I’m pretty valued up on gadgets etc 5 cables I’ve gone through they charge in the car but no Apple car play my current 6th cable all working for now I’ll try the WiFi turned of not sure if it’s on or if I know the car WiFi is useless anyway to uk thanks again did you have the same issues 

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