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New Battery - Bluetooth Lost!

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I have a C-Max Titanium 2012 reg.  Yesterday morning, the battery gave out and the car wouldn't start.  I jump-started it and took it to Halfords for a replacement.  I was worried I'd need to get my radio code when the mechanic was fitting it, but after he swapped the batteries over, the radio came on fine (the radio is the same as the one picture in this post).

The problem however, is that since the new battery has gone in, it cannot seem to scan for bluetooth devices.  To begin with, the radio screen was showing a connection to my phone was present, even tough my phone's BT setting was off at that point (the clock was also wrong, which I put down to the amount of time between the battery swap-over), so it was as if it was frozen in the last known state.  I turned BT on on my phone, and then tried to make a call but it didn't work.  I then de-bonded the connection via the radio with it in an attempt to set up a fresh connection, but when pressing the Phone button and choosing the 'BT' option in the bottom corner of the radio screen, it simply does nothing.

Is there a way to 'reboot' the radio or something?  Searching online so far has yielded no results applicable to my model.



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7 hours ago, 62deadfly said:

 took it to Halfords for a replacement.

That's your problem. Also they're definitely not mechanics, more like donkeys.

Either try removing the fuse for the radio/bluetooth module to reset it. Or just remove the negative terminal on the battery, wait 10 minutes or so then reconnect. No radio codes on these stereos.

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Thanks for the reply (I've been away for a week).  I've removed the fuse, left it an hour and returned it back, but no difference (I tested the radio while the fuse was out and it didn't come on - so definitely removed the correct one!).  It's almost as though the car has forgotten it has this function!  it doesn't even scan for phones to pair to, it just says 'No BT Device' with no other options.


Is there a specific bluetooth device hidden somewhere in the car that might have burnt out or something?  I'm going to take it to my local service centre for their thoughts next week (I can't get there quickly as they only operate 9-5) but am getting desperate as I rely on it more than I thought!

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