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Hi Guys,


I tried to look for another thread regarding this but i couldn't find one. Sorry if i have missed it.

Today i tried to use FoCcCus to deactivate my 'stop/start/ and to add a couple of extra bits such as doors locking when moving.

After i added the bits on and uploaded to the ECU, i got three lights on the dash (handbrake, DTC and ABS) i tried to use FORScan, a WiFi adapter with iPhone App and a garage type code reader(non dealer) to clear them but they would conme back within 5 seconds of being cleared.

i reloaded my original ECU back and the lights went so i started putting the bits back on one by one to find the problem. Its all related to the 'stop/start/ funcation and i cannot work out why the lights are happening/how to clear them.

I've included some snips of FORScan below

Hopefully someone can offer some advice on how to sort this 😂

Thank you!


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Think you need to do an abs reset after changing the stop start setting. 

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