1.5tdci titanium drive shaft issue

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Hi all 


I am new to the forum I have had a mk3.5 focus for just over a year I love it to bit and wouldn't change it for the world  I recently did a full service on the car and noticed my drivers side drive shaft was wet with oil looked around and found it was really wet on the gear box drive shaft seal 

Just to add you wouldn't see it unless you were under the engine and the engine under tray off 

I have been speaking to a few people and a mechanic mate told me it's a common problem  I wanted to just ask all of you what you guys think and of your experiences 


Thanks in advance 



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Same car as mine, I’ve changed both drive shaft seals, it was mainly the passenger side leaking, but I’d drained the oil out and was changing it so did both seals at the same time. They’re about 17 quid each from Ford I think, I’ve got the part number around somewhere, so you can look them up on eBay or something. 

Not too difficult to change, most time is spent stripping parts out to free the outer end of the shaft. The lower pinch bolts were a bit tricky and the splines into the hub took some shifting, might just be my car, but something to keep in mind.

Ford finis number 1543933

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