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2005 Studio Locking/ Boot not working


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I hope someone can help before i get ripped off!

I have a problem with a 2005 5door Focus studio, with central locking but without the remote. I locked the car from the drivers door went away came back unlocked the car again from the drivers door.. and thats the last time it worked!

Now the doors wont central lock and i've also noticed the boot button on the bootlid won't open the boot either.. I've checked all the fuses and all are ok. Fuse 77 behind glovebox and fuse 11 in engine bay!!

Basicaly the rubber boot switch wont open the boot and the central locking dosn't work!

I've had a independant garge use a diagnostic computer and it comes back with no fault found.

Please help must be someone have had this problem or know of it..

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Hi Psychopav

Did you get this problem fixed?

I bought 3door focus studio 3 month ago and the central locking has packed in (similar to your story) but the boot and petrol flap no longer lock. My car only has a key and no fob.

I put into our ford dealership as car still under manufacturing warrenty and they have came back and said that the fusebox has been changed and the car could not have had central locking. For this they have charged me £125 (rip off)

I've checked all the fuses and all are ok. Fuse 77 behind glovebox and fuse 11 in engine bay!!

They say that fuse 55 should have a fuse but I think that may have something to do with the fob.

Did you find out what was wrong with your car as the symptoms are similar.

Can anyone please help with this or know of any such faults as it is really starting to affect my wallet.

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