stereo problems mk7 fiesta 2010

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Hi all,

I have a bit of an odd stereo problem that I can't seem to fix...... Sometimes the controls on the radio itself don't work (the control panel above the hazard button), sometimes the controls for the stereo on the steering wheel don't work....... On rare occasions neither work..... I've disconnected battery for 20 minutes and re-attached and the radio stopped working for a week until yesterday it came back to life but had the same problems with the various controls only working some of the time. Although unlikely I have checked the fuses and all ok

I purchased a new second hand stereo unit thinking that might be the problem and installed it but the problem remains. I currently have the front control panel, before I admit defeat and give up thought I would ask the question here.

Any suggestions would be really appreciated 

Mk7 Fiesta 1.6 Econetic


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Just to add to the above I have noticed that the radio instrument panel in the middle doesn't seem to light up and I'm sure it used to??

Again have checked the fuses and all ok ---- one thing I did notice when I was out re-checking everything on my lunch break wiring loom (two wires) hanging loose behind the glove box one of the wires is blue and black and another white and it has a small black connector on the end... I can't see anywhere obvious of where the wire has become disconnected

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