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Service light, turbo code, please help!!!

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This is my last resort before having to go direct to Ford and paying another fortune for help. Service light stays on despite fixes.

Back in February, my Fiesta (2014, 62,000 miles) blew its head gasket. Only had the car since September. Started with a coolant leak, that eventually lead to my car having to have a cylinder skimmed. Also had its timing belt replaced, general service and oil change. Last month, the car alerted it needed A service, odd considering it had been done not long ago and I'd only driven about 1,000 miles since.

Opened the hood to discover the garage had not bolted the actuator in properly, it was loose and swinging around.

After plugging in my diagnostic machine, it flagged up two turbo codes.

Today, the actuator and turbo were replaced with new parts, and the car had an oil change and new oil, fuel, air and pollen filter put in.

The car still flags up the service warning as soon as it's driven more than 50 feet, and the diagnostic now says to check manual, yet when tested, the turbo kicks in, and I can't find anything helpful in the manual or online.

To drive, it feels perfectly normal at any speed.

I've already spent £2000 fixing the car, and I'm about ready to roll it off a cliff.

Please, does anyone have any idea what could possibly be wrong with this car?


Thank you in advance for any help!!



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Firstly is it the service warning or a fault warning?  They're both similar.  If it's just a service warning that the garage forgot to reset you can reset it yourself.  Press and hold the accelerator and brake, switch on the ignition and wait a few seconds and you should see it reset.

P2599 is still a boost fault.  Does it clear ok but come back after another drive?

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Thanks for replying,

The car beeps 3 times, and the message says "Service now" on screen with the yellow spanner icon on the dash.

I have already tried resetting it the way you suggested, and tried to by using the diagnostic to clear it. I've tried a few times with no success.

It still brings up the message every time I try to remove it, but it doesn't appear when I turn the ignition or engine on, only when I start driving the car.

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