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I know that the Powershift gearboxes are not known for their reliability, I wonder if some of you experienced people could advise me on the following:-

Vehicle:               2011 Ford Galaxy 2.0 TDCi

Mileage:              106,000

Gearbox:             Auto, 6 Speed Powershift


Over approx the last 10,000 miles the car has been ‘hunting’. When driving along at a steady speed eg 40 mph the rev counter will cycle up and down by about 250 RPM, you can feel the car pulsing with these changes, it cycles around once per second. Under acceleration it doesn’t do it, only at steady speeds. It feels like the torque converter lockup of a conventional auto box. If the speed is increased to 70 mph it stops doing the cycling. One other symptom is when moving off the take up of drive can be quite aggressive and the changes are not smooth or progressive, it seems to jump around between 3 and 4 for a couple of seconds.

Im told this is a known issue with PowerShift boxes at it needs rebuild / replacing.

Is it likely that replacing the fluid and filter would resolve the above issue or is it really new gearbox time?

Sorry that my first post is asking for help, I usually lurk on a Forum for a while before asking for info. 

Kind Regards - John

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Just a quick thought, is it worth doing an oil and filter change or am I wasting my time and money?

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