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Car coming up for MOT, last MOT the lambda reading was 1.029 out of 1.030. No light on the dashboard, any idea what could need doing? 

Just changed the HT leads and coil pack, as it was a bit judderey in 5th gear and that seems to have stopped the juddering. 

At some times I think it gets through more fuel than it should for the miles I do and there was a few times I thought I heard a clunk recently, there didn’t seem to be anything on the road I’d driven over and I just thought maybe it was something moving about in the boot, but not so sure now.

I’ve been told maybe the injectors or the EGR valve?


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A high lambda reading is too weak a mixture, so not enough fuel, rather than too much.  It's usually caused by an air leak, either in the exhaust or around the throttle body.  Were the HC & CO readings good?

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