Ford Fiesta mk7.5 replacement oem interior ambitient light to rgb light

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Hey!! I Have Ford Fiesta 2013 facelift model. My car is equipped with ampitient light at doors, cupholders, glovebox. And im thinking about to change oem lighting to rgb. I know that i need to replace the existing leds with rgb ones and of course i need rgb wiring (4cables instead 2) and connect them to bluetooth rgb controller for adjusting but i am confused about someting. We know that we can switch on/off the ampitient lighting by menu, right? so some cable running power from console unit to glovebox bar, doors and cupholders? so if i put the rgb controller to take power from these cables, it would be right? it can be possible? can anyone try this before? also i dont know what cables is that for switch on/off from radio central unit? does anyone knows?


Thanks in advance

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