What the heck has broken!?

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Hi. I was driving my 1.0 EcoBoost today and lost all power. I soon realised the turbo wasn't spoiling up and the car was running at high revs just to get to 30mph. When I looked under the bonnet I noticed this pipe had came off its housing. Anybody know what the part is? The housing unscrews off but gluing the pipe is not going to hold. 


As you can see there already seems to be some kind of glue where the pipe had broken off before, so it is obviously an issue the car had previous. 


Any help would be really appreciated.


(Picture attached)




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That's the vacuum pump.  Although I'm not sure what you'd call that little plastic take-off specifically, I haven't seen one of those snap before.


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Thanks for the information. I have screwed off the plastic part and I'm currently trying to glue it back together. The plastic nozzle the pipe goes on to has been broken before judging by the residue left from where the nozzle and pipe have sheared off from. 


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