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AC Issue and APIM Question

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Evening all, hope someone can help fix my issue

When I came home from work this afternoon I noticed my blower was stuck on the windscreen and wouldn't move

Got home and booted up Forscan and found an error

B1086 - Air Distribution Damper Motor - Circuit Short To Ground

Pulled everything apart and tested as much as I can, so far I have found the following:

  • The actuator itself is fine, I have swapped with another to test
  • Pin 2, Grey/Blue, shorts to ground when cars turned on
  • Checked connector on another actuator and it doesn't short to ground on the same pin
  • Pin 2 runs to the heating controls itself and no where else

Is my problem faulty heating controller (EATC Module)? Or could it be something else? Any tests I could do?



Second question, I have replaced my headunit with an android aftermarket unit so no longer use the sync bluetooth/USB, is it safe to remove the apim module? I have noticed when removed I get a restraint controle module error code so I guess I should leave it in? Or does it just do this because of the emergency assist feature?

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