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Hi I have a  problem with a Ford Fiesta 1.4 58 reg.  About 6 months ago alarm started going off 6/7 times a day/night.  The Ford Dealer diagnosed it was a faulty boot catch and replaced this.  Alarm still kept going off so Ford Dealer had car for a week.  They couldn't make alarm go off and it didn't keep going off so they said the problem was solved.  As soon as car came home alarm kept going off so Ford Dealer had it back and disabled horn.  So we just had to put up with lights flashing and as car is only used occasionally I had to remember to take it for a run once a week.  But this week car has been used every day and the boot and rear passenger door have locked and we can't get them unlocked and lights keep flashing almost continuously.  Apart from leaving car unlocked has anybody got any suggestions as to how to fix this problem and any ideas how to open the boot and door?😁

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If I remember rightly my last fiesta (around the same age) had a problem with the bonnet catch, but it came up on the screen as the boot being open.  Took a while to figure that one out. I suppose ford might have seen a similar message. 

Might be worth blasting some wd40 into the bonnet catch mechanism and giving it a good slam; even if only to rule that out. 

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