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I have recently purchased a ford fiesta zetec 2011-2017 range, and so far it's great, apart from one thing.


The in car radio system doesn't start up or turn off upon putting in, or taking out, the keys in the ignition and needs to be switched on off manually. 


I have tried searching for any settings on the radio to see if it's a simple case of turning a setting from manual to auto, but no luck yet.


For clarification the system once turned on/off appears to work normally, I just don't want to forget to turn it off one day and drain the battery


Any advice?

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The radio turns off after 20 mins or until you open a door. 

Once you turn it off with the button, it wont then turn back on with the ignition, you have to press the button again.

When you next use the car, dont turn the radio off and open a door to make sure it goes off. When you then start the engine the radio will turn on as normal.

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Yeah this worked, thanks for the quick reply. had a feeling I was missing a trick somewhere. 

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