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Fiesta ST-Line 140 coming up for sale

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My 2016 Fiesta ST-Line 140 in Magnetic grey is coming up for sale in a few months. Has Sat Nav, & Stop start.

It's a lease car so will be available from a dealership somewhere (not sure if it's the same dealership that I arranged it with that will sell it, not sure how these things are done?)

But if anyone is looking for a pristine 3 year old car, I don't think you will find a better one.

Will be about 33,000 miles or so on clock

I ran it in carefully, have driven it fairly gently (only been over 5000rpm about 4 times in an overtake), it's never done a journey of less than 5 miles.

It's spent most of it's life between 2000 & 4000 rpm on the motorway in a 35 mile commute to work. Has been fully serviced as per manufacturers requirements. Have been averaging about 48-54 mpg depending on the weather.

The interior is as new, rear seats only ever sat in once.

The paintwork is totally swirl free and in pretty much showroom condition.

Has run absolutely perfectly not had a single Issue with it. No creaks or rattles from interior trim. The aircon was regassed and the cabin filter changed at it's last service in July 2019.

So if anyone is looking for an ST-Line 140 around about October time PM me and I can give you the details.

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