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Vibration driving me crazy

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I wonder if anyone has had any issues with a lot of vibration whilst driving/braking. Focus 1.6 petrol 56 plate.

Passenger side tyre worn unevenly. At first I thought it could be tracking but my suspicions lead to suspension.

Would a warped disc cause uneven wear? Drivers side tyre lots of life left where as the passenger I had to change. (Wife had to change whilst I was at work) I did explain to her to let them know but nothing was really done about it.

The shocks and drop links are ok. So the only other thing I think it could be is one of the bushes. I don't intend to keep the car much longer (coolant leak as well it seems)

I just wondered if anyone had a similar experience and would be able to share their knowledge.


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If you're not keeping the car it's probably not worth looking into.  What type of wear are you getting, edges, centre, random areas?  Is the vibration constant or worse at under specific conditions?

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