Mk7 ST 17" Rock Metallic Alloys - Price check

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Curious to know what a full set of Mk7 ST 17" Rock Metallic alloys would be worth?

I'll have to get some (fresh) photos of them but they are in good nick with a little bit of kerbing on 3 of them.

I've attached some relatively recent photos of the car when cleaned a few months ago. The dirty wheel photos were from December last year before I had the tyres changed.

IMG_20190531_171705 - Copy.jpg

IMG_20190531_171642 - Copy.jpg

IMG_20181213_154514 - Copy.jpg

IMG_20181213_154443 - Copy.jpg

IMG_20181213_154454_002 - Copy.jpg

IMG_20181213_154506 - Copy.jpg

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Not sure but new costs £160 for a single alloy.

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I've seen ones with fresh rubber and mint condition go for around £600 on Ebay. I sold my Zetec-s 17s for £400 last month. 1 kerb mark I touched up and about 4mm tread all round. In my experience, they were going for a similar price to the ST's. 

Typically on gumtree facebook etc you get idiots offering £200 saying that's all they're worth in reality, but I always tell them to ***** off or spend half an hour wasting their time.

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