Strange Dent - Petrol filler cover MK8

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A few weeks ago I noticed a strange dent just to the left of the petrol cover.  It perfectly aligns with both the edge of the flap when open, and is pretty much exactly where the internal hinge seems to be located .

I've tried gently pushing the flap to it's limits but it feels like it would need a lot more force to actually make the dent externally.  My other thought is the hinge is pulling it possibly.

I've definitely not over-stressed it when filling up etc, just hoping it's not something that's been done when someone has messed with the open flap bending it back just for fun (another benefit of a completely unlocked petrol filler flap maybe).

Just wondered if anyone else had noticed anything similar on their MK8.  I'm getting it fixed this afternoon by my PDR guy, cost is about £50.

I've tried to capture it in the picture but it's not really clear:


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Dent removed with the glue-pull method in 10 minutes.  If anyone is in East Yorkshire and needs a Paintless Dent Removal guy give Martin a call at https://www.dent-remover.co.uk

He reckoned the flap had been bent back causing the dent. 

I've  been using his services for the last six years and he's pretty amazing. Good value too.


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Someone has left the flap open and walked in to it causing the hinge to pull the dent into the metal.
Try a hairdryer and a can of computer duster / compressed air -


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