Ford Fiesta Mk6 A/C high pressure sensor wiring

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Hi All, I've got a 2003 Ford Fiesta 1.4 TDCi thats had a non working air con since I bought it last November. I decided to finally look into it and I've found that the 4 wires connected to the high pressure sensor are split. Whoever owned this car before me had already had a go at repairing this but has done an awful job of it, the actual socket which plugs into the sensor has had the wires completely pulled out of it. I've cleaned up the 4 wires coming from the loom and exposed copper on each of them ready to repair it, however, I'm unsure of which hole each wire goes into to make sure it's connected to the right pin on the sensor, if there had been some cable left coming from the socket I could've matched the colours and easily spliced them back together but I'm unable to do this. The 4 wires each have their own colour, one has a red stripe, one has an orange stripe, one has a green stripe and the other is just black. I'm assuming that these wires are coloured the same on all fiestas from around this year so would it be possible for anyone to show me a photo of theirs so I'm able to put the wires in the right place and repair mine.

Thanks In Advance!

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