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Mk7 Dash


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I'm unsure, but I think one of the bulbs may have blown behind the Hazards and Car Locking button on the dash.

When all of the dash is lit up, these two buttons arn't which seems odd, although when the car is locked using the button, the indication light does appear.

I can't remember if they worked when i first had the car.

Can anyone confirm if they are meant to light up or not?


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Those two buttons depend on the display brightness setting, in the menu.

(Not sure what the right english term is, sorry)



just been and checked, they both illuminate when you put your lights onsmile.gif

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But they won´t, if you have changed the mentioned setting in the menu :rolleyes:

Sorry, i see what you mean, coming to think of it i changed the settings to bright..

I can't see why changing this though would only take out these two lights on the dash

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