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MK6.5 no crank after engine swap

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Hi all

So i performed an engine swap on my MK6.5 petrol 1.25 fiesta.

The donor engine has been disconnected for about 6 month, however i took great care to ensure ECU stayed dry etc.

Finally got round to fitting it and when i turn the key nothing happens. No crank nothing.

Inside the car everything works as normal, when i turn the key to crank the dash goes blank, then when i turn the key back it displays text again.

When i turn the ignition of i hear the clicking im used to with my old engine from the throttle area so i assume there is some correct communication going on between the GEM and ECU.

I only have a rather cheap code reader than can't interrogate individual systems but read general codes and it reports everything as happy.

I have attached a jump lead to one of the bell housing bolts and battery negative incase it was an earth issue and still nothing.

Today im going to swap the starter over from my old engine and also check the wiring for power when i try to crank it. I'm hoping thats the issue.

However if not i have absolutely no idea where to look next. Kinda getting the wheels in motion just incase that does happen (hoping it won't) and ill report back once ive got the starter out.

Thanks for any advise and help!



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Sorted it, it was in fact a dead starter motor.

This does however lead me to another issue, that ive attempted to resolve with little success.

Ill create another post. Thanks


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