2013 Fiesta, CC code colour mismatch

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Hi all,

I've got a 2012 EcoBoost Fiesta with a colour code CC on the VIN plate, corresponding to "Nautical Blue" in Ford terms. The colour name was looked up for me by a rep at a Ford dealership. I ordered a CC rattle can from Halfords to paint over a scratch on a door, but the colour did not match -- it is obviously lighter than the original colour when sprayed over and let dry. The car was bought used in 2014 from an Ford dealer, was not in an accident, and was not repainted (e.g. door panels are of the same blue colour inside and out).

Is there a way to get the 'original' paint directly from Ford? If not, is there a shop where I could ship a panel from my car (e.g. a mirror cover) to be matched to directly, not just by code? Not sure if it means anything, but my VIN says 2012, but the CC code only could be found among 2013 vehicles when I goolged it.

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Halfords paint is known for not colour matching well. Any ford dealer can supply you rattle can and touch up pen. Or ford dealers on eBay sell them .

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