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Would anyone have Sync 1.1 software 5.11?


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Hi all, 

I'm replacing my Sync 1.0 module with a D1BT (Sync 1.1 with App Link).  Unfortunately, I can't download the latest software myself as my car is registered with a Sync 1.0 module, which can't be upgraded apparently.  Would anyone have a link where I could download the software?


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I have a Focus 2013, and this car came used from germany and I cant change the voice or language settings on the phone (all german).

Everything else is in english.

From Ford website, they say I have the latest software, so I cant re-install this in order to put everything in English.

Is there any other way to correct this?

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On 10/7/2019 at 10:07 PM, gselgin said:

Did you manage to get a copy of 5.11? If not pm me and I will give you details of how to download a copy from the ford website.

Why don't you do as gselgin said and send him a message ?

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