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Ford cmax 2011 driver side window

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Hi.. First Post..

I have ford cmax 2011.. 


Tried to auto open the driver side window didn't work after the first few attempts, when it did it half opened tried auto open again no luck tried again then worked fully open. 

Tried to close nothing happened tried again still nothing tried again it worked but half closed. Kept trying to close eventually closed. 


So the pattern is irrelevant it's intermittent as and when it wants to question is why..?

(All the other auto windows open and close smoothly at the press of single)

I also tried to close the window by keeping hold the lock button on the remote that eventually works after a few attempts the other windows when open close straightaway.


Also new problem the auto electric wing mirrors don't close on lock and don't open on open. It does after several attempts.


Both problems do appear to be linked but how. Why and what is the fix. I have heard faulty connection loose wire or rain water or fuse. 


If fuse would it not work completely ? 


Also if loose or water where do I find the connections / wire . 


Please help it's the Mrs car school runs etc all becoming a pain in the bum with car 

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Update on the above is.. I have narrowed it down to.. the driverside window console instead of permeanant illuminated it's blinking systematically. When its not illuminated the driver side window doesn't work and the auto folding mirrors, after 20 seconds when it does illuminate both the folding mirrors and the driver side window works. 

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