Derek T

Ford Fiesta 1.4 2004 - Stalling on Cold Start

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When my engine has been sat for a while and cooled down and I try to restart it the engine really struggles to start.

It is almost like it turns over a couple times but then splutters and stalls all the lights on the dash board come on and I have to re turn the key. The second time it sounds like the same thing again so I apply to accelorator and it splutters to life most times, sometimes I need to do it a third time.

But then once its started its like nothing happened it just drives like normal and if the engine is warm it will start no issues.

I think I noticed the engine start to dip when I was sat in neutral at the traffic lights yesterday but its the first time this would have happened and it may have been just because the radiator had turned on.

Please help, I would be doing the fixes myself as taking it to a garage at this point isn't cost effective and I am pretty good at following YouTube tutorials so if you could let me know the part that needs replacing that would be amazing!

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This is what I do at the moment. It just seems to be getting worse.

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So I took my car to a garage to see if they could work out the issue and after leaving it there over night so he could see the issue first hand he suggested changing the spark plugs. 
when he took them out he did say they looked very used. 
for maybe a day or two it was better but now it has gone back to struggling to start again. 
when I leave it over night it is taking three attempts to start the engine from a cold start 

anyone have any ideas what else it could be? 

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