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Weevie Stonder

P0098 intake air temp sensor 2 circuit high input. Have I found the right sensor?

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Hi all, hope someone can throw some light on this.

I have a P0098 code on a 2007 Galaxy 1.8 TDCI 125hp and the live data is showing -18 deg C

As far as I can ascertain it's the sensor at point 2 on the attached photo which is one I need to change rather than point 1 (point one being the combined MAF sensor and temp sensor?). Can anyone confirm this? I've been wiggling wires all over the place to try to see if the live data changes but it doesn't so I want to swap out the sensor. The second photo is a close up behind the intake pipe.



So, once I've confirmed this is the right sensor (Haynes calls it the "charge air temperature sensor") the next question is how do I get at it? It's pretty tight under the bulkhead by the EGR valve/ manifold and even with moving the brake fluid reservoir out of the way I can only attempt to remove it by FEEL alone. I can't seem to feel a button or lever on the connector to pull the wires first but the wires are too tight to try undoing the sensor first then wires second. I can't even confirm what screw is holding the sensor in place, by feel it MAY be a torx screw...

Anyone done this before? It seems stupidly well hidden for such a basic part - I think this location is unusal to this engine.

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