Steering wheel wobble, vibration

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Hi guys,

Picked up a 2011 240 PS Ecoboost over the weekend in Titanium X spec.

Surprised there are no real cupholders in the rear or heated seats but hey ho. I also am unable to find a record of the power shift box being serviced. 

The one thing I have noticed is the steering is very loose and wobbly at times. I am hoping this is down to alignment and therefore I am taking it to the local outfit i go to each time i purchase a used car.

Does anyone else have this issue at times?




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Nop, probably loos sub frame parts.
Take a closer look at your front suspension parts and see if you can find something.
When or where you fill the wobbling?
Your gearbox, need service every 60kkm, i highly recommend, every 45-50kkm.

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