MK4 Qi Wireless charger

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Just to let people know it is possible to install the ACV Qi Charger into the MK4. Basic steps are:

1. Pull gear gator up (its clipped)

2. Remove gear gator surround (the one with buttons on)

3. Pull trim on passenger side out (again clipped in)

4. Drivers side. Remove small circle trim to access 6mm bolt. Remove and pull trim. Now there is also 2x torx screws (1 each side) and the tray with usb and aux port should lift up...bearing in mind wires.

5. Unclip all wires and on the bottom of the phone tray is plastic honey combing...use a craft knife to remove.

6. Stick on wireless charger and connect harness up.

7. Put it all back together and enjoy cable free...unless u use android auto or apple carplay.

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Hi JohnH,

Excellent guide buddy. Thank you so much.


Is it possible for you to attache some pictures with this guide as it will help?


Thank you once again.

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Theres a YouTube guide to fitting a pad to a Fiesta

Although not exactly the same the trim removal is similar enough to give you an idea. 

I'm interested to know how sensitive this pads charging   is to the phone moving around as this is the problem with the factory fitted item that stopped me having one on my car

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Ill get some pics/videos uploaded tomorrow.

In terms of phone moving i did a journey from gateshead to darlington using a mixture of roads such as dual carriageways, motorway and even rallied it around a country road and the phone hardly slid around on the rubber mat. Ive got a Samsung s9 with the Samsung fabric case.

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