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Ford Fiesta Mk6.5 Aux Socket


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Hi i have a Fiesta 2007 MK6 facelift studio model which i believe is the most basic fiesta. Anyway i see looking through the original brochure for it that for £20 an AUX socket was an optional extra. Anyway the previous owner didn't want to cough up the £20 obviously so it doesn't have one but would it be possible to get one installed now? and roughly how much would the upgrade cost? I only ask because I was either thinking of getting an AUX socket installed or buying an aftermarket stereo.



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iv got the 6.5 and mine came with one...didnt know it was an extra if im honist. i presume that you couldnt have it done unless your replaced the whole section where the gear leaver is. you could probably do it your self with a drill and some cable but it would look scruffy and untidy. best of speaking to ford.

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It will probably be like the new Fiesta... It's only a £20 extra when being built at the factory and can't be retrofitted.

But I could be wrong...

But in a 6.5 I'm sure it's easier to fit a newer stereo. You could pick a decent one up with AUX or USB from Halfords or Argos or something...

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