Ricardo Gonçalves

SMAX Air conditioning not cold enough

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Hi guys!

I have a 2014 1.6 tdci SMAX. Generally pleased with it but the AC has a very poor performance right from the beginning. 

It's been in the dealer several times ( i bought a warranty extension ) and they regased the system, changed the compressor (missing part) but still lacks power. One thing that surprised me was that this system only carries 600grs of gas, well below what I'm used to see in cars.

Could this be a design problem? With 19ºC outside temperature, the minimum temperature on the outlets is 8ºC.

Here in Portugal, when temperatures go up, till 45ºC it's almost impossible to be inside the car.

Thank you for reading!

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Unfortunately, it's a known fact, poor AC.
Its also common in the GALAXY AND MONDEO (same platform), ***** designe.

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