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Hi all i had read in my ownwers manual that before you start the car you are meant to keep your foot down on the clutch and then start the engine i have a fiesta mk5 1.3i endure e engine 51 reg can anyone tell me why do you have to do this cheers alan.

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I've always done this, I don't know why I do it it's just habit. Even if I know the car isn't in gear. It's not something that makes a difference if the car is already in neutral.

Althouuuugh. There are some cars that have a security switch whichs means you can't switch the car on without the clutch pressed down. I think some Hyundais have that feature. It's a rare sight over here, but there's a lot of cars in America with that feature apparently.

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Depressing the clutch fully disengages the engine from the gearbox. Even when you are in neutral, the various shafts in the gearbox will still be turned by the engine, it just won't transmit to the wheels.

If you use the clutch while starting it will mean the engine is only turning itself over and not having to spin bits of the gearbox, this reduces the loading (and as a result wear and tear) on the starter motor (etc) and also the drain on the battery.

Its common for this to be recommended for cars where the starter motor and/or battery are on the way out, but it will technically help on any car.

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