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Fiesta In The Park 2010- Fitp

Jason Tierney


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  1. 1. Would you want to have a stand for the FOC?

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Just been looking on UKFN and some other fiesta sites and They have stands at this meet.

Its a large National meet of fiestas and fords in general. They seem like great meets I was going to go to 2009. This year its beeing held On Sunday May 16th @ Huntingdon Racecourse.

I duno whats going on, a bit surprised that this forum hasnt got anything up about it yet.

Id love to go with a group from this forum, its the forum ive been most active on and have learned so much on.

Not sure what else to put, the main group organising this is the Fiesta Club Of Great Britian


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Little bit more info from the FCofGB.

This year will see the 12th ‘Fiesta In The Park’ event and is aimed to be bigger than ever before. Once again the event will be held at Huntingdon Racecourse which proved itself to be a great venue for the last 3 years. In 2010 we will be building on the successes and improvements brought in each year to deliver our most enjoyable event yet.. It will be held on Sunday 16th May 2010, gates open at 5.30am for Traders and show cars and to the public at 9am.

Due to the huge popularity of the show we operate a “ticket only” entry to the display area for show cars. Tickets are priced at £8 each and allow a car and ALL occupants to enter the park AND display their car in the show area. It is STRICTLY Ford vehicles only in the display area (except traders vehicles), if you turn up in a non Ford car even with a ticket you will not be allowed to display your car in the show area.

Fiesta in the Park Guide

Once again its time for Fiesta in the Park , this year being held on Sunday 16th May 2010 and is being held at Huntingdon racecourse. To help you enjoy your trip to the show here are some helpful tips:

- Gates open to Traders and Club stand cars at 5.30am onwards

- Entry to the show area by ticket ONLY!.

- NO camping on site! (any attempt to access the site before 05:30 will be treated as trespass) For accommodation we recommend using such places as Travelodge and Premier Inn

How to get there

Huntingdon racecourse is situated just off the A14 (Thrapston Road), just half a mile from the A1, Follow the signs and take the B1415 turn (junction 22).

Huntingdon Racecourse




PE28 4NL

Tel: 01480 453373

Fax: 01480 455275

- DRIVE CAREFULLY! The whole of Northampton shire is covered with lots of different types of speed cameras so stick to the limits…you have been warned!.

- Take care! Remember there could be small children around so drive slowly and sensibly obey all warning signs and instructions, FCGB will be using Video and photographic equipment to monitor and record the event , if required this can be handed over to the Police. ANYONE found driving carelessly will be asked to leave immediately, failure of club members to respect this rule could see the club refused space at future events.

- You could be a winner! Don’t plan to leave early as there are at least 4 trophies to be won! We will be judging during the day and the presentation is at 4pm (no need to enter you are all entered automatically).

- Bring some cash!, there will be trade stands for you to spend your hard earned at, all of them offering good show deals, you never know what you might find. Also you will be able to buy food and drinks in the park.

- Have a good look round you can put faces to names, meet new friends, Visit the shows sponsors.

- Tidy up before you go home, please clear up any rubbish you have made and either bin it or take it home, thank you

- Take care when leaving, drive slowly and stay within the speed limits.

- Come and see us! Pay a visit to the club stand for a chat, buy some merchandise, book your place at a show (needs to be paid when you book).


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It would have been nice, but i believe it's closed for new clubs to sign up. NExt year though, it is worth remembering!!

Anyone from here who is going, i'll be on the UK Fiesta Network stand :)

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It looks to be a good day!

Although i won't be appreciating the finishing work at 10pm on the saturday and then having to leave the house at about 4am on sunday :(

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