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Hi There!


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Just registered tonight because I'm a new driver and have myself a Ford Fiesta Zetec Climate 1.25. I also joined because I heard a rumour that joining a specialist forum lowers insurance :)

So here's a pic of my fiesta now:


And here's what I hope it will look like when I'm done with it (green neon was a joke i really reallllly don't want that ever)


I've been scouting around the internet because I'm really looking forward to modding this after I (hopefully) pass my test in April and i've been getting rather confused because it is neither a MK6 or a MK7...? Very hard to buy parts for a car that no websites recognise! Any help would be much appreciated.

When its finished I'm hoping for:

-new lowering springs

-xenon headlights with hopefully a new black unit in there completely

-black rims

-some funky exhaust

-maybe some sort of spoiler cause the back looks very bare

But I'm terrified cause my insurance only allows the alloys, nothing else. Not sure what to do???

Thanks for reading :D

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Welcome! Yes its deffinatly a mk6.5

Moddifications dont sound too OTT, what sort of differences to the insurance would all those make pricewise?

Dont want to sound like a killjoy but your probs better off just spraying the original alloys black, as its still a standard part and wont make a difference to the insurance.

Just make sure you declare anything you add on to the car and enjoy it! :D

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That is def a 6.5 :P

Well you say that....

Most eBay sellers would call it a Mk7.

Best bet is to search by model year rather than Mk numbers as Ford themselves have never officially used Mk numbers, so they are open to (alot of) public debate.

But as you say, around these parts that would be known as a Mk6.5.

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