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MK6 Facelift ZS ECU Problem

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Hi all,

I've had a fair share of issues with my 2007 Fiesta Zetec S not starting, one usually being it'll crank and wont start up, but after taking the key out and putting it back in it would start normally and drive fine.

Two days ago I had to have it recovered as it would start but die instantly, when it got to the garage they tested everything, found nothing and started in 20 times without failure. 

Today I got in it again to start it, it started and died, on the second time as it started the rev gauge didn't work for around 5 seconds, the MPG, Miles Left, and average speed reset themselves but the trip didn't. And as I tapped the accelerator pedal the car just dropped in revs and wanted to die out. After restarting the stats were still reset but starting and driving normally. 

I've sprayed the connections with WD-40 just incase it's getting damp but all seem to be secure.

Anyone got any ideas on what this might be? if you need any more info just ask and thankyou!


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A recent thread suggested that a dodgy ECU earth on the -ve battery terminal would cause intermittent problems.

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