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James Hawes

Fiesta OEM Reversing Camera (again!!)

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Apologies for bringing up this perenoal topic.....

I own a 66 reg Fiesta TDCI- ve already installed the sat nav and wired in the voice commands part- ive just bought the rear camera and trim.

The part I'm struggling with is the wiring into the screen- my Fez doesn't have the FAKRA connector and as a result I dont know where the 6 (?) Wires need to be connected to- I know one needs to go into one of the BCM connector blocks- dont know where though. I have the green FAKRA connector into the screen- I found a cut-off one at a scrapper, along with a partial loom. I managed to rejoin the 4 wires inside and the screening- removed the pins from a scrap plug and now have the screen supply cable with the brown pin 14 and orange pin 15 pins ready to install.  I dont have a clue as to what else there is. Pin 16- I've read it's the screening- but theres no wire....see my photo

I havent checked at the rear passenger side connector to see what wiring is in place- I suspect that I'll have to install all of it.

Do you have any diagrams that could help me with the wiring-in at the front end?

Hoping you can help,




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