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2016 Ford Fiesta SYNC not updating

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I have version 5.9 of the SYNC software on my car and I have downloaded the update from the ford website based on my VIN.

I have followed the instructions as per their website - downloaded to my computer, extracted and then copied to my USB stick (which is FAT32 as requested).

When I plug into my car it starts the update process, says SYNC is rebooting and about 2 minutes later I get a message saying 'Installation Failed' then 'SYNC is rebooting' again and then nothing.

Does anyone have suggestions on how I can get this to work?

I've looked on other forums, but they all seem a few years old so some of the issues they had appear to have been corrected (the code unzipping as 1 big line, hidden letters after the code....). The only discrepancy I can see is in the autoinstall file, the 1 line says KB and the other KC, I've tried amending this so they match but that didnt make a difference.

I also get a corruption error when unzipping the SyncMyRide folder, but that file doesnt appear in the install or autoinstall folders so not sure if it is actually required.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as it's getting really frustrating now and cant afford to take it to a garage for them to just plug it in 🙁.

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I tried it with exfat and the other one beginning with an N but my car doesnt recognise that there is anything on the stick.

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