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Fitting a mirror cover (2004)

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Hey all,


I've recently purchased a 2004 fiesta, but the passenger mirror cap was missing.


Its this one that I've bought|Model%3AFiesta+V|Plat_Gen%3AMK+V&hash=item3fcdb41fd2:g:~7QAAOSwG3Ndk03f


I've tried putting it on but it isn't as easy as just clipping it on..


Anyone got any instructions/assistance for this? I was hoping it to be a simple job!


Its a ford fiesta 2004 if that helps

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not done it myself. I am wondering if a smear of Vaseline or grease on the fixings will help it go in. perhaps also warm it in the house so it's more pliable and not so brittle. Certainly if the cap is left in the car on a cold night it is more likely bits will break off when you try to force it on.

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