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Fiesta 2013 powershift flat battery (with solution)

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I thought I would try & move this post to what I now think is the correct section

I will probably now get done for multipul posts or something! seems you have mods with very short fuses on here!

If my post gets deleted that will be the last one I make, becuase if I make the effort to write this to try & help my fellow Ford owners its just that I trying to help others I don't expect a slap down for a newbie mistake!

I have a 2013 Fiesta Titanium X 1.6 Powershift auto 5dr.

I bought the car in Sept 2019 after getting fed up with changing the 6 gears on my Mini Cooper I had for 4 years.

I did my research & was careful to check how the automatic gearbox shifted on the car. This was after seeing many mostly USA posts on forums of broken powershift fietas & focus which seemed to be down to an oil leak onto the dry clutches & invovled an expensive trip to the dealer gearbox out new seals etc. Most seemed to be done under warranty

Anyway mine seems fine but when my battery went flat it was the tranmission that said it was faulty service now

I don't use my car very much as I am retired, so it spends most of it's time im my garage. As you guys know cars don't like to be left in the garage & brought out once a week for a short journey! I try to drive a bit more to put some charge into the batery when I can.

So I caught a bug that was doing it rounds of my family & I was laid low for almost 2 weeks! so when I went to use my car the battery was pretty dead! It wounldn't start & everything was flashing on the dash as it tried to start it self several times without me pushing the button again! I poped the bonnet & disconnected the battery! My daytime running light were still on so I had to do something to turn them off!

So I put my battery on charge just in case I would reuse it but previous experience with the same battery problem on my last 2 cars told me it's time for a new one. so I found the exact same Yuasa battery on eBay with free next day delivery with a 4 yr warranty for £58. which I thought was a good deal.

Next day it arrived & I fit it to my car! first thing I get is a Tranmission warning on the radio display transmission fault service now! Plus the spanner & ECU lights on my dash! I went for a short drive & it only seemed to be using the first 3 gears & not changing up as normal to 6th gear! so I go home & google the problem.

The posts I saw were not good first guy says TCM replaced New gearbox! Lots of posts with people getting the same happen on focus with a flat battery all poweshifts! Not many real solutions coming up! One showed how to reset the TCM by putting the car in neutral for 15 seconds! I thought well anything was worth a try at this point as I was thinking my car would have to go to the dealer! I saw some posts saying the car throws a code P0606 which is BCM/PCM I think from memory form my booklet. I had an obd2 reader I had bought off ebay about 15yrs ago for a Ford Ka that had some codes that needed clearing.

So I searched around my garage for it found it & plugged it into my car. I pressed the start button just to turn the ignition on but not start the car! My cheap £7 eBay reader did it's thing & came up with a code P0606! I thought ok that's good as that's what's on google! So I erase the code turn off the ignition & remove the reader.

I cross my finger & start my car! Phew massive relief the transmission fault warning is gone the spanner is gone as is the ECU light! Thank goodness for that as I really thought my car was knackered & needed an expensive trip to the dealer for goodness knows how manty parts etc!

I went for a test drive & everthing was back working as before the battery went flat!

I thought I would share this with you guys as many powershift cars from the same year as mine would be due for a new battery soon! I hope some of them might see my experience & not panic & think thier car was caput!

If I hadn't of found my obd2 reader my local autoelectrics work shop clears codes for £20! So that would have probably been my next solution then ring my Ford mechanic who services my wife's fiesta

I did start to see posts on battery savers that you plug in & it stop your ECU from losing all the codes when you fit a new battery! But this was after I fixed it! This may be a preventative solution to this problem! This was not a option for me but had I known about it I could have put one on before disconnecting my battery, which may have worked!

Anyway guys sorry for the long post but I hope this helps someone!

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Thanks for putting this on here to help other in future, and having a logical title on it.

A lot of posts on here start with a problem and it fizzles out with us never knowing if the problem ever got fixed and how, after some suggestions offered.

Also some threads don't say in the title what it's about eg." Help please " which means if there is any useful info in that thread then it might not be looked at by others with same problem at a later date as the title did not indicate what aspect of the car might be in that thread.


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