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Fiesta ST-3 Mk7.5 - Optional Extras Inquiry

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Hey guys!


I have just recently purchased a '17 Fiesta ST-3 with supposedly every add on that you can get on it, e.g. 5-Door, ST Styling Pack, etc. 

I have noticed that the people who have the Style Pack have Red Brake Calipers, Rado Grey Wheels and Illuminated Door Sills. Our car doesn't have illuminated door sills at all - would that possibly because it's a 5-Door instead of a 3-Door?

If it's meant to have one, what should I do? The car is still within manufacturer's warranty, if that's of any use. Am I able to obtain the original illuminated door sills from somewhere? I have no idea what the part code may be.


Many Thanks!

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3 hours ago, MarksST said:

Other options were;

Rear view camera, spare wheel, centre rear headrest, adjustable boot floor, parking sensors, electric rear windows

Cheers for your reply! 

Turns out it doesn't have everything! I'm missing a rear camera 😞

That's a shame that it doesn't have an illuminated door sill. That would have looked cool.

I wonder how easy it is to retrofit a rear cam 🤔


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