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Fusion 1.6 Tdci - Intermittent EML / Other Issues

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Hi all,
Just picked up a 2008 Fusion with 56k miles on it. Seems to run sweet and is in good condition but has an intermittent issue going into limp mode. 
No service history (sorting that soon)

Must have come on 5 times in about 25 miles. Resets restarting ignition.
Came on when i hit a hard rut in the road
Has come on when I've pulled away hard

I filled up with diesel, dash said 78 miles - went through a very large puddle now says 0 miles remaining and gauge on red. Following day was working correctly.
Dash fog light comes on when reversing/indicating, again stopped now it's dry. 

I'm confident there is an intermittent connection/earth issue and likely under the car given the large puddle. Anyone know where all the electrical plugs are / suggestions?

Below are some of the error codes reported after clearing and then them re-appearing after 20 mins or so of driving




Looking for suggestions/Wiring locations/Sensor locations etc


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Fortunate i never yet had any electrical problems on mine, however yours does sound like a bad ground as you say.

I would check everything electrical in the engine bay for starters, but look out for tell tale signs that someone may have been in there previously, and failed to reconnect /tighten something correctly.

Get car running static, then carefully start probing wiring, connectors etc. till fault appears.

"Came on when i hit a hard rut in the road"
"Has come on when I've pulled away hard"

That does sound like a bad engine bay earthing issue to me or a loom / connector being stressed.

My bosses son had mad issues on his recently purchased s/h Mazda - they were over complicating the diagnosis and i found it in 30 seconds - the battery earth was loose !

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Perhaps there are two faults. The code for low fuel pressure and going into limp  mode when accelerating hard makes me think of clogged fuel filter

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