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Galaxy 6 speed, 2011, harsh gear changes?

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Hi, I have inherited a 2011 galaxy with the 2.0 diesel 140ps engine matched with the 6 speed manual gearbox. I believe theirs an issue with either the clutch or slave cylinder. Some times when changing gears, it feels like when the clutch pedal is pressed, the selecting gear doesnt feel like its gone all the way in. If i let off the pedal slightly then it goes in like supposed to. When the car is cold, or if the car is turned off for some time (30 minutes or so), the car really struggles to get reverse gear! I now put it in reverse BEFORE starting it as this seems to work. I have a good 1/3rd pedal height, i can rinse this thing upto 3.5k rev and it the clutch does not slip. What cold be causing this?

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