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Leak Off Pipe coming off and more

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I have a 2006 fiesta 1.4 tdci with an issue/issues with the fuel system that have been ongoing since i’ve had it.

When I bought it the garage owner said that fuel ran back when it was stood overnight and it needed priming before starting. The solution, I was told, was replace the fuel pipe and primer pump section of the fuel delivery system. I did this myself.

After replacing the fuel pipe and primer section there was still a fuel delivery issue, this presented as when I started the car it would sporadically do into limp mode while trying to accelerate, for a second then stop, another second then stop. This continued until the car had been driven for a few minutes (until the fuel had been drawn through properly I’m guessing).


So I’ve had to prime it on the pump before I drive it since. I can see air bubbles in the pipe that I replaced so I assume that wasn’t the problem after all.

In the last few weeks another issue has arisen, the leak off pipe keeps coming off from injector 1. from what I’ve read and the other issues it seems to all be linked. 


Can anyone shed any light on it? There is air getting in somewhere... would air pop the leak off pipe out of the injector? can the system be bled?

What steps can i take to try and diagnose this?



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That's a major problem. the leakoff pipe will draw air into the fuel  return pipes and fuel filter, and suddenly you'll have an airlock in the fuel pipes... I know, 'cos it happened on my Mondeo TDCi. Had to be towed home. Investigate WHY the leakoff pipe doesn't stay in place* and check the O rings are good too.                       *there's 2 different types, the earlier one is a sort of collar that slips over injector, and the later one is a hinged clip. (mind you, that's on the Delphi system, yours might be  Bosch


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