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James Hawes

Putting a petrol ST back-box on a diesel Car

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I have recently added an ST diffuser/apron to my 2016 TDCI Fiesta.

I am now trying to address the exhaust end. The standard exhaust back box has to outlet bent over to point down and to the side. I cant fit a decorative end to this!

I want to change the backbox only (not the Cat) could I use a standard petrol backbox on a diesel engine? If I can there are loads of types I could fit, may or may not require an adapter/taper coupling, but that's ok. 

I'm struggling to find a backbox only that has a straight outlet for the exhaust tip. 

Maybe if a petrol backbox is fine- I could just use a standard petrol ST one??

If anyone can advise me to the the likely affect of putting a petrol ST back box on a diesel car- please help!!

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Hello James, I've noticed that you asked the same in another post IIRC.

You can place the muffler from the ST fiesta if it matches your existing pipework on your fiesta. There shouldn't be any diesel vs petrol difference for an exhaust muffler.

What others suggested in the other thread, you can just cut the bent tail and add a decorative tip to fit the hole.

Either way, just go to an exhaust shop and get it done there. I'm sure that it will be a 15 minute job.


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