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Ford Fiesta 1,4 Diesel Handbrake Cable Replacement

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Hi....I am looking a bit of guidance before I attempt to replace the handbrake cable on my 2003 Fiesta 1.4 tdci.

I noticed the brake was binding at the rear right drum on my Fiesta which was because the cable is frayed. I have the Haynes manual and bought the rear section cables for £30 locally. They seem to connect to the handbrake cable underneath the car and then to the short cables that enter the drum. I intend to prop her up on axle stands at the back, drop the exhaust down, remove heatshield, slacken handbrake in car and fit my new cables. I'm looking advice on how to disconnect the old brake cable from it's connectors...also do I need to slacken the nuts where the short cable attaches to the brake shoe, in the drum.

Any other advice for things I should watch out for...Thanks in advance.

If there is a guide I would be grateful if someone posted a link.

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