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Bucking when lightly pressing gas

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Hi everyone,

Just after a bit of advice regarding an issue i have had with my 2013 Fiesta Zetec TDCI since i bought it. 

Basically, when lifting off gas, usually in lower gears, the car bucks slightly. Also, sometimes if i am in a low gear and i am lightly pressing the gas, the car will buck slightly back and fourth. Not so severe that the car actually “bucks” but you can feel it in the cabin. Feels very much like the engine mounts are worn but i have had them checked out several times, including the lower mount and all are fine. 

Also done the other usual things like change the fuel filter, air filter and oil filter. Also tried some diesel injector cleaner in the fuel tank but nothing seems to resolve the problem. 

Other than that the car runs fine except if i accelerate hard at night, i can see a cloud of white/ grey smoke in the headlights of the car behind me. Not sure if that is related, probably not. 

Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this or if it is some kind of “characteristic” of this engine. 

Any help would be great. 


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