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Ford fusion 09 ecu error


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Wondered if anyone can help, I have a Ford fusion 2009 automatic, which ran perfect with no issues at all , 50k on the clock. Then it one day refused to start up. I replaced the battery as I thought it might be that as I had no electrics...once replaced, the electrics we're back but when tryingto start the car it will not even attempt to start..no noise....after 5 seconds I then get two error messages on the dash display ' engine temperature high' and 'transmission mulfunction' 

Please help

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The car's computer is reading the engine coolant sensor signal and giving a wrong reading.

Either the sensor is bad or the computer is bad.

Disconnect the battery negative for 30mins then connect it back up. Turn the ignition key on for 5 mins and see what happens. Did you have any problems when changing the battery over?

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